Clisson and Saumur, gems amid Loire Valley vineyards

Wander through the cities of Clisson et Saumur, where the vineyards are never far away! Both locations have their own unique charm: while Clisson has an Italian feel to it, Saumur embodies the art of living in the French style. 

Clisson, a breath of Italy in the Loire Valley

Clisson is a one-of-a-kind city. Destroyed after the War in the Vendée, the Clisson was brought back to life at the beginning of the 19th century thanks to the arrival of the Cacault brothers and the sculptor Frédéric Lemot. Impressed by Italian culture and architecture, they began reconstructing the city from its ruins using a Tuscan design. Tuscan tiles, brick and curved arched window designs decorate not only houses but also factories, tanneries and the mills situated on the banks of the Sèvre.
Nestling above the city, the ruins of the château overlook these Italianate streets with their houses with red tiled roofs, church, remarkable villas and small shady gardens.

Settle into the gentle way of life here... Take time to visit the covered market bursting with fine regional produce, which you can of course taste in one of the city's quality restaurants, accompanied by a glass of Muscadet wine!

Last but not least, head to the La Garenne Lemot park on the banks of the Sèvre, where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll amidst trees and antique statues.

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Saumur, an epicurean city on the banks of the Loire

Just as pleasant as in Clisson, the atmosphere in Saumur is one of lovers of fine food. You will soon discover it as you sit down on one of the multiple terraces to taste a glass of fine Saumur wine!  You can also learn to identify the different Loire Valley wines in the Maison des Vins situated in the heart of the city. 

Saumur is not lacking terms of heritage either, with its large number of tuffeau stone buildings to admire, a feature which has earned it the nickname “Saumur the White”. 

Although the château overlooking the Loire is the pride and joy of the city, there are numerous other points of interest to discover, including the famous Cadre Noir (top centre for French horse riding), the historical city centre and the royal chapel of Notre-Dame des Ardilliers, and on top of all this there are plenty of troglodyte sites nearby, now containing wine cellars, mushroom farms, accommodation...

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