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Nantes cake

Nantes cake is characteristic of baking at turn of the century. It is a wonderful blend of sugar, almonds, butter and West Indies’ rum; a moist desert with exotic flavours

Recipe provided by M. Ryngel- Villa Mon Rêve restaurant

Ingredients (for 4 to 6 servings):
●    150g caster sugar
●    15g vanilla sugar- optional
●    125g lightly salted butter
●    100g ground almonds
●    40g flour
●    3 eggs
●    6cl dark rum (approximately)
●    50g icing sugar

1 round cake tin, 22cm in diameter, 5-6cm deep

Energetically whisk the soft butter (creamed) with the sugar.
Add the almonds, then break the eggs in one by one. 
Mix well until the sugar has dissolved.
Spoon in the sifted flour- without mixing too much- and 2cl of rum.
Grease the cake tin generously or line with greaseproof paper, pour in the mixture and bake the cake at 170°-180° for 40-45 minutes.
Remove from the oven and immediately drizzle with 2cl of rum. Take the cake out of the tin, turning it upside down.  
When the cake has cooled, mix approximately 2cl rum with the icing sugar (to obtain a fluid consistency) and cover it with this icing using a spatula. 

A word of advice:
Eat the Nantes’ cake the next day, it will be even better!
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