Tasting fish with Loire fishermen

Fish from the river have always been on the menu in the Loire Valley. Even though there are fewer fisherman today, roughly twenty of them still carry on the tradition, to our great delight! Come and meet the Loire fishermen.

Taste fresh fish with professional fishermen 

Fresh fish from the Loire… a pleasure that is as simple as it is delicious, and there is an abundance of it! Alongside zander, the royal fish, there is eel, pike, gudgeon, sea lamprey and even elver.

Julien, a Loire artisan, returns from his night fishing trip loaded with delicious fish from the Loire. La Bourriche aux Appétits, near Chambord, brings out the best in them with its delicious products, such as its terrines (pike and chive, Loire catfish with preserved tomatoes, crawfish pate etc.) This wide choice of products can be found at the Comptoir de Loire near Blois.

In Huismes, not far from Chinon, it is fisherman Nicolas Hérault who has extremely tasty fish products to offer, including pate and soups.

Professional fishermen Arnaud et Amélie Guérêt also promise you excellent fish (eel, catfish, mullet etc.) in Varades, near Ancenis. Caught in Loire and the Erdre, they are sold fresh, salted (with sel de Guérande), smoked (with beechwood) or in conserves.

Fishing trips and tasting fish on the Loire

Discover and taste the local fish with the Loire fishermen themselves! Come and meet them and go on a fishing trip aboard their boat to taste their catch.

Alex Fargat, from Terre et Loire, is one of them. You can taste his fish produce on board his traditional boat, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful villages of Béhuard and Savennières.
You can enjoy the same experience, offered by professional fishermen Matthieu Perraud (on board his traditional Toue Cabanée "Vent d’Soulair" in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil) and Claude Janin (in St-Julien-de-Concelles).

Upriver from Orléans, in Sigloy, set off on Les Passeurs de Loire. Let yourself be guided by Jean-Philippe who will show you the river during a ride on his traditional boat. Then stop by at la Boutique du Pêcheur where you will find the catch brought in by Bruno (a professional fisherman).