Fruit, vegetables and meat of the Loire Valley

If you're a fruit and vegetable lover you'll be spoilt for choice in the Loire Valley. The local market stands are brimming with them, offering asparagus, lamb's lettuce, leeks, apples or strawberries. And let's not forget the meat, such as Géline de Touraine and Fermier d’Ancenis chicken. Fresh and good quality produce only! 

Asparagus, Nantes lamb's lettuce, Mara des bois stawberries: fruit and vegetables from the Loire Valley

If there is a signature vegetable of the Loire Valley, it has to be asparagus. Harvested between the end of April and June, mainly in the Sologne region, it can be eaten hot or cold (once steamed or boiled) with a simple dressing or with cream. 

Nantes lamb's lettuce is another very popular vegetable in the Loire Valley. It even has its own designated protected geographical zone: the bay of the Loire estuary. 

There are so many other tasty vegetables flourishing in the soils of the Loire Valley, such as leeks, radishes, onions, lettuce, beetroot, cucumbers and parsnips, to name just a few. 

Growing alongside them there are many types of fruit, namely apples and pears including the famous Passe-Crassane pears and William apples.  

Another star on the summer market stands is the Mara des Bois, a small, juicy variety of strawberry with a beautiful red colour. Very tasty!

Farm chicken, lamb, poultry: the meat of the Loire Valley

All of these delicious vegetables go well with high quality meat, in particular Label Rouge poultry, like the Géline de Touraine. This little black hen is a real treat thanks to the delicacy of its meat. Other tasty birds include the Fermier d’Ancenis chicken and the poultry from Orléans (blue-footed chicken, farm guinea fowl etc.)

In terms of red meat, Rouge des Prés beef has a protected designation of origin, the AOP of Maine-Anjou. Lamb of Touraine is also popular.

Last but not least, snails also have their place in the dishes of the Loire Valley, of course! They can be consumed fresh, in terrines or in casseroles. Come and taste them in Croisic, at l’Espace Escargot.

Where can you find all of this tasty produce?

Fruit, vegetables and meat can of course be found on market stands, of which there are many in the Loire Valley. These include Les Halles in Orléans and Tours, and the Talensac market in Nantes, top spots for food shopping!

You can also buy them in speciality food shops, such as the Comptoir de Loire (also known as La Bourriche aux appétits) in Vineuil, near Blois, or l’Epicerie Gourmande in Villandry. 

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