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La Garenne-Lemot

Near Clisson, in Gétigné, La Garenne-Lemot promises a romantic outing. Here, in 1907 the sculptor François-Frédéric Lemot designed and created a romantic garden with an Italian style. Right in the heart of the Garenne forest, you will today find a Tuscan-style house, a neoclassical villa and pathways lined with sculptures.

La Garenne-­Lemot, an air of Italy in the Loire Valley

There is already an Italian feel to tourism in Clisson, but visitors will really feel it in the garden of La Garenne-Lemot, which is wholly inspired by Italian architecture. We owe this lovely succession of buildings to Napoleon III's sculptor, François-Frédéric Lemot, who built the garden in the middle of the forest of Garenne, from which derives its name: La Garenne-Lemot.

François-Frédéric was a great sculptor, decorating many prestigious Parisian monuments such as the Palais Bourbon, the Louvre and the Pont Neuf.

You will be amazed by the elegance of the Tuscan-style house and the neoclassical villa. Here, everything recalls the ruins of Tivoli: Diana's baths, the temple, the shrine to Antiquity...

A picturesque park

In the park of La Garenne-­Lemot, extending over 13 hectares, a stroll turns into a dream. The Sèvre Nantaise, which passes below, enhances the bucolic and romantic feel that prevails in these gardens.

Right at the end of one of the paths you will come across an astonishingly white statue, which appears before visitors as though by magic.

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