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Châteaux gardens in Anjou

The castles of the Loire Valley often boast stunning parks and gardens. In Anjou, these include the châteaux of Brissac, Montriou, Vaults, Pin and the Palais Briau.

Châteaux gardens near Angers

The Château of Brissac, south of Angers, is located in a natural setting second to none, in an elegant landscaped park surrounded by a splendid estate and the river Aubance. Visitors will enjoy walking in the freshness of its avenues in the shade of old trees. You will soon reach the estate's vineyard, which among other wines produces a rosé d'Anjou that you can taste in the cellar.

Situated north of the capital of Anjou, in Feneu, the château of Montriou has a wealth of plane trees, cedars, limes and winding walkways typical of a style that developed during the renewal of the rural estates in Anjou in the 19th century. In its landscaped park, take a stroll among the boxwood borders before heading to the 19th century vegetable garden with its remarkable collection of cucurbits (the gourd family of plants including pumpkins, melons and cucumbers)!

The gardens of the châteaux along the Loire

The Château des Vaults reveals a fine collection of trees, a lake and meandering walkways and is situated in the heart of the AOC Savennières vineyards. It offers a succession of romantic green spaces with daffodils, irises, tulips and roses, as well as a vegetable garden where you can discover a number of old species of vegetables.

The Château du Pin, in Champtocé-­sur-­Loire, is aptly named ('Pine castle') with its large number of conifers, cypresses and yews trimmed using the techniques of topiary art. Many other trees and shrubs thrive here such as avocado trees, daturas, oleanders, and an old collection of citrus trees. Attractive pools are home to irises and water lilies, and the vegetable garden contains roses, clematis and tomatoes. It is accredited as a "Jardin Remarquable" ("Remarkable Garden").

Finally, don't miss Varades and the landscaped grounds of Palais  Briau, created by the architect Edouard Moll under Napoleon III. Its three levels of terraces overlooking the Loire reveal the remains of a medieval castle.