Terra Botanica, the plant world theme park

Terra Botanica, near Angers, is the first theme park in Europe to be dedicated to the plant world. Both entertaining and educational, it will immerse you in the world of vegetation through a variety of extraordinary gardens and attractions in the air and on the water. It is a great and fun way of discovering previously unknown plants, in 17 hectares of park that are constantly changing with the seasons.

Terra Botanica: varied, extraordinary gardens 

Terra Botanica is composed of multiple small spaces designed for exploring the plant world from every perspective. While there are, of course, species from Anjou, you will also find plants from around the world, from Brazil to Japan: 275,000 trees and plants grow here!
For an exotic experience, head to the 'extremes' greenhouses... the mists greenhouse presents a collection of some 2,000 orchids, while the desert one is home to numerous cacti.

Allée des Grand-mères (grandmothers's avenue) reminds us that plants also feed, clothe, heal and perfume us.

Next stop, the kitchen garden, where vegetables from every continent grow. There are watermelons from Africa, New Zealand spinach from Oceania and wasabi from Asia... Some seem slightly incongruous. Have you ever heard of yacón, otherwise known as the Peruvian ground apple? Or of Japanese artichokes? Terra Botanica will surprise you also with the world of green giants, where there are giant tomatoes, peppers and sunflowers.

The park has many other areas waiting to be discovered such as the stunning rose garden, the tropical forest, Far Eastern rice fields and the roots of life.

The theme park attractions

Far more than a simple theme park, Terra Botanica has attractions for all ages, with several worlds specifically for children. Board a boat and go for a ride on the water with the Odyssée Botanique, and enjoy a guided trip during which you will see lilies, tulips, magnolias and hydrangeas.

For an adventure 3 metres above the ground, high in the tops of the tallest trees, climb aboard a nutshell for a ride round the treetops. Another air-borne attraction is the tethered balloon (filled with helium and attached to the ground by a cable and winch), which soars 150 meters into the air. From up there you will enjoy breathtaking views of the park and the low valleys of Anjou!

And finally, in the 4D film room, discover all there is to know about the process of photosynthesis, following the exciting adventure of two drops of water.

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