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Camifolia, a garden of aromatic and medicinal plants

For lovers of herbal medicine, a visit to the Camifolia garden at Chemillé-Melay is a must! Here, you will find approximately 500 species of medicinal and aromatic plants. Learn to identify them and discover their beneficial uses in health, beauty and cooking!

The medicinal and aromatic plants in the Camifolia garden

There are 500 species of medicinal plants growing in the Camifolia garden, covering an area of 4 hectares. Learn their names and discover their scents and virtues by yourself or, even better, with a guide.

The species are divided up according to theme, with the ethnobotanical garden, scented garden, garden of local plants, garden of fibre and colour, garden of poisonous and medicinal plants, the Mediterranean greenhouse and the sensory trail.

Learn about herbal medicine and aromatherapy at Camifolia

Fun and educational, the Camifolia garden offers practical workshops to learn about identifying the different plants, how to grow them and their uses (healthcare, cooking etc.)

Learn which plants to use to make natural medicines, cosmetics and dyes and, having improved your knowledge of them, come to the maison de Camifolia to enjoy a treat in the gourmet garden! (sweets, drinks, ice-creams made with plants)

You can even buy some of your favourite products from the garden shop to take home with you, such as spices, essential oils, honey, herbal teas and floral waters.

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Park, Botanical garden
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