The "Botanical Garden" in Nantes

A large space covering seven hectares in the heart of town, the "Botanical Garden" in Nantes contains more than 10,000 different plant species and has greenhouses covering 800 m². With their flower beds, plant sculptures, ancient trees and greenhouses of exotic plants, these gardens will certainly fascinate visitors!

The Botanical Garden in Nantes: a green space full of history

Created during the reign of Louis XIV for the town's apothecaries, the history of the Nantes botanical gardens is closely linked with the city's maritime history, since exotic plants were brought back on ships from travels abroad, particularly to North America.

Lakes, fountains, waterfalls, little bridges... the Nantes botanical gardens are quite simply enchanting. Take a seat on a bench and contemplate the camellias, the symbolic plant of the city of Nantes.

Both regional and exotic, these gardens are home to rare species like its collection of succulents. Some trees, listed as "remarkable trees" are truly majestic, such as Hectot's Magnolia (named after the creator of these botanical gardens) which has flourished here since 1807.

There are many sculptures to be found in the gardens of Nantes including a statue of Jules Verne and busts of women such as Bather at the mirror  (1909) and Woman with a wreath (1940).

Greenhouses, a pond and an animal park

In the upper section visitors will find the various heated and non heated greenhouses. Some hold a fine collection of cacti, while others contain orchids. In the orangery the yuccas and orange trees are able to spend the winter in the warm.

The oldest of these structures (1895), is called the palmarium. Its original purpose was to present plants from the Garden of Saint-Pierre in Martinique and from Gabon. It now serves as a laboratory for tropical ecology. Here you can admire creepers and epiphytes (plants that grow on the trunks of other trees) from the equatorial forests of Asia, Africa, America and the overseas territories of France.

In the lower part of the gardens, visitors can admire a large pond, a small zoo and some amazing plant sculptures of people and animals. In recent years, the Jardin des plantes de Nantes has also hosted the amusing plant creations of Claude Ponti, an illustrator and author of children's books, which have included a frog, a giant chick and the "togobancs".

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