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Zoos, aquariums and safaris in the Loire valley

With all the zoos, aquariums and wildlife safari parks on offer, your children can stay in constant contact with animals in the Loire Valley! Animals thrive here in protected natural spaces, from wild game in the Beaumarchais reserve, lions in Planète Sauvage in Nantes, to giant pandas in the Beauval ZooParc.

Zoos and wildlife parks in the Loire Valley: Beauval ZooParc and Doué-la-fontaine Bioparc

Beauval ZooParc is ranked among the top 15 zoos in the world. Here, children can meet around 8000 animals from all over the world, including koalas, giant pandas and white tigers. For the most unforgettable experience yet, 10 to 17-year-olds can even become a “Junior Zoo Keeper” for the day.

At the Doué-la-Fontaine Bioparc, more than 1000 animals live in what was once a stone quarry. In this unique place with its troglodyte feel, children will be particularly amazed by the Okapi enclosure, for example. What do these strange animals from central Africa even look like? You’ll find it’s a mix between a zebra and a giraffe!

Safari parks in the Loire Valley: Planète Sauvage and the Réserve de Beaumarchais

At Planète Sauvage, close to Nantes, you won’t even need to get out of your car, you can drive around the park just like on safari! Over a distance of 10 km, children will see 1000 or so animals roaming around including giraffes, elephants, tigers, antelope, lions and even kangaroos. Afterwards, head to the marine centre where you can gaze at the beautiful bottlenose dolphins.

At the Réserve de Beaumarchais, near Amboise, go as a family to meet big French game. Again your visit will take the form of a safari, but this time aboard a little train accompanied by a guide. In an hour and a half, the guide will acquaint you with stags, does and their fawns, wild boars and their babies, bison and ostriches! The adorable ostrich chicks can also be seen in the nursery, where staff will explain the various stages of incubation and hatching.

Croisic Aquarium and the Grand Aquarium de Touraine

Visit the Croisic Océarium, the home of 4000 specimens from the Mediterranean, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Children will be awed by the tropical fish of all different colours swimming about in the lagoon, and they will be even more captivated by the huge Australian sharks and the penguin-feeding! 

The Grand Aquarium of Touraine is home to thousands of salt and fresh-water fish, both from the Loire, such as the silurus catfish, and the tropics, like the impressive piranha! Take time in particular to enjoy the shark tunnel, the reptile nursery and the touch pool, which is full of koi who will definitely come to say hello!

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