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Museums that make learning fun !

If your children usually moan at the thought of museums, here are a few they are bound to like! Travel back in time, discover how wine is made, go to a comic book exhibition or watch some magic shows!

Travel back in time with the children

At the Petite Couère eco-museum in Anjou, step back in time to the turn of the 20th century and stroll around the reconstructed village. Children can visit olden-day houses, see the school and stop off at the greengrocer’s. There’s even a wildlife park to visit on a miniature train!

At the Moulin de l’Epinay, in La Chapelle-Saint-Florent, youngsters will learn about techniques from days gone by. They can discover the fascinating workings of windmills and flour production, and to put everything they’ve learnt into practice, they can take part in bread and pizza-making workshops! 

The Musée de la Préhistoire du Grand-Pressigny will take you back in time to 30,000 years ago. Armed with their activity booklets, 7 to 12 year-olds can learn all about the prehistoric age and take part in lots of fun workshops including pottery, painting and engraving.

“How does it work?”

How is wine made? Children can discover the answer at the Musée du Vignoble Nantais. Using their activity booklets they will learn about what each of the giant machines are used for, such as the stills, sulphate sprayers and ebuillometers...

With its exhibitions, magic shows and clowns, the Musée du Cirque et de l'Illusion in Dampierre-en-Burly will reveal the enchanting world of the circus. A fun AND educational museum, where they can even test out their juggling skills!

In Artenay, the Musée du Théâtre Forain will invite you to discover the lives of the actors and street artists who once used to roam the roads of France and Navarra. Through stage sets, costumes and props, find out all about the history of the travelling theatre.