Gourmet visits for children and adults

Sweets, chocolate, goat’s cheese…the Loire Valley has so many regional delicacies which children can not only taste, but also make for themselves! Here are a few local culinary visits to enjoy with all the family, including sweet-making on organic farms!

Activities and cooking workshops for children

With aprons on and sleeves rolled up, children can make tasty chocolates at the famous Max Vauché Chocolate Factory in Bracieux, and will be very pleased to be able to leave with their creations!

Savour delicious honey madeleine cakes at the Château of Ferté Saint-Aubin. The château’s chef will even reveal the secrets of traditional techniques to children through a cookery demonstration.

At the Ferme du Cabri au Lait, in Sepmes, they’ll get to make (and taste!)  goat’s cheese and organic yoghurts.

In Rochecorbon, the Grandes Caves Saint-Roch will open its doors to reveal the different trades which have existed there over the centuries, including mushroom-growing and silkworm breeding.

Domaine de Montcy invites children and their parents for a fun and exciting adventure trail through the vineyards, with the help of an activity booklet called ‘Le Mystère de la grappe d’or’ (The Mystery of the Golden Bunch).

The sweetness of the Loire Valley: Boiled sweets, Niniche lollipops, Petit-Lu biscuits, Praslines

In the Loire Valley, we love eating lots of different sugary delicacies. Now that’s something children will love! Wherever you’re staying, there is plenty of delicious confectionery on offer for those with a sweet tooth, including: 

. Niniches from La Baule, a kind of lollipop;
. Nantes ‘berlingots’ boiled sweets and rigolettes (similar but with a soft centre);
. Also in Nantes, the famous Petit-Beurre LU biscuits;
. Sorbets from la Fraiseraie (in Pornic), delicious strawberry sorbets (not forgetting the other flavours too!);
. Quernons d’Ardoise in Angers, (blue!) chocolate confectionary with nougatine, almonds and nuts;
. Salted butter caramel from Guérande;
. Saint-Michel Biscuits from Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef;
. The famous Tarte Tatin, invented by accident!
. Nougat from Tours, a delicious treat;
. Praslines de Montargis, little grilled almonds coated in caramel

Or if you’re more of a savoury person, try the ‘fouace’ bread straight out of the oven in troglodyte restaurants in Saumurois and Touraine. These white bread rolls are stuffed with meat, cheese, or even beans.

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