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Water activities for everyone!

There are thousands of ways to enjoy the rivers, lakes and reservoirs of the Loire Valley! Those in favour of a peaceful outing can opt for a trip on a pedalo, canoe or paddle board, while those looking for more of a thrill will be tempted by the board sports on offer, including cable waterskiing.

Pedalo or canoe-kayak, it’s up to you! 

Pedalo or canoe-kayak… chose your vessel and explore the rivers, lakes and reservoirs of the Loire Valley. This is the perfect way to enjoy the flourishing natural landscape, and you might meet into a heron or kingfisher along the way!

Or what would you say to a trip out on the water on one of those famous stand-up paddle boards? This activity, which uses a long board that you can steer with a paddle, is peaceful, fun and suitable for everyone. There’s not one bad thing to say about it! 

There are plenty of places to enjoy these kinds of activities in the Loire Valley. 

Water trips and excursions

The idea is simple: pick your chosen vessel (canoe, kayak, sailing boat, rowing boat, traditional ‘Toue Sablière’ boat etc.) and a professional guide will do the rest! 
Whether you fancy a short outing or a full-on expedition, these trips on the water promise a moment of complete serenity, in touch with the nature of the Loire Valley and in the company of an expert local guide.

In Nantes, for example, you can discover the river Erdre in a rowing boat, keeping an eye out for shy grey herons and kingfishers. In Pornic, cast off in a sea kayak and explore the coast on the lookout for hidden little coves, or in Thoureil you can climb aboard a traditional Loire Valley ‘Toue Sablière’ boat!

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Water sports: learn to love board sports!

The Loire Valley lakes also offer plenty of exciting activities for those who love a thrill. There are plenty of water sports available, especially board sports, such as windsurfing, catamaran sailing and Optimist dinghy sailing.

If you’re after even more speed, have a go at waterskiing or wakeboarding at the Etang du Puits, in Cerdon, for example.

But if you don’t like the idea of being towed by a motorboat, why not try the cable waterski instead? This activity uses a system of motorised cables to tow you along the water.

Try out a range of board sports, either standing up with a board (wakeboarding, wakeskating) or skis (cable skiing), or even on your knees (kneeboarding)!

The advantages are that there’s no motor, no specific weather conditions, and no previous experience required, just a cable and that’s all there is to it. It’s completely safe! (suitable for ages 6 and up)

Give it a go at Saint-Viaud wakepark near Saint-Nazaire (TSN 44), Malagué wakepark or Notre-Dame-d’Allençon wakepark near Angers (Anjou Wake Parc).