La Vélodyssée

La Vélodyssée: a cycle trail along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean

La Vélodyssée is the French portion of EuroVélo 1, the European cycle route leading from Sweden to Portugal. In France, it runs along the entire Atlantic coast from Brittany to the Basque Country, via the Loire Valley.

La Vélodyssée, a cycle trail linking up with the Loire à Vélo

The Vélodyssée cycle route links Roscoff to Hendaye via 10 coastal départements along the shores of the Atlantic. Its 1,200 km, most of which are on dedicated tracks, make this the longest signposted cycle route in France.

In the Loire Valley, it follows the Canal from Nantes to Brest. Here, you can pedal from lock to lock crossing wetlands, forests and small ports until you reach Nantes, following the course of the Erdre.

At this point the Vélodyssée crosses the path of the Loire à Vélo and stays with it as far as the Atlantic Ocean, following the Loire to the Estuary.

It then continues along the Jade coast and the broad beaches of the Vendée amidst wetlands, pine forests, dunes, rocky coasts and famous beach resorts.