​Saint-Nazaire, a city-port with a majestic bridge

Saint-Nazaire has a feeling of grandness to it, with its bridge, port, impressive Airbus factories and the enormous ships emerging from its shipyards. Welcome to Saint-Nazaire, a port on the Loire estuary that has also preserved its shoreline.

Marine and aeronautical construction in Saint Nazaire

The largest port on France's Atlantic coast, the Port autonome de Nantes Saint-Nazaire adds lustre to the town, which is proud of its rich maritime heritage.

Some of the largest cruise ships in the world, such as Queen Mary 2, have been built in Saint-Nazaire, which is internationally known for its shipyards.

To gain a sense of the importance of the town and admire the legendary transatlantic lines, pay a visit to Escal’Atlantic, located in the town's submarine base. From the entrance hall all the way to the promenade deck you will be plunged into life as a passenger: discover cabins, saloons and bridges as though you were actually aboard ship! In the same sector, don't forget to visit the Espadon submarine.

In addition to the boatyards you can also visit the the Airbus factories where the A380 is built.

A walk along the shore from Saint-Nazaire

These key sites are not the only attractions in Saint-Nazaire! Built at the mouth of the Loire on the Atlantic coast, and lying between the Parc Naturel Régional de Brière and the Guérande peninsula, the town has developed within a protected natural setting.

If you follow the chemin des Douaniers ("Customs officials' way" – 7 km), you will discover the shoreline with its twenty or so beaches and multiple coves, cliffs and promontories. For the sake of nostalgia, you might like to wander over to the beach where Jacques Tati's "Monsieur Hulot's holiday" was filmed.

Saint-Nazaire: a young town with bold architecture 

Entirely rebuilt after the Second World War, the new town is bold with a distinctive architectural style. One of the impressive features is the bridge spanning the Loire, which is over sixty metres high and links the town to Saint-Brévin and its gigantic "ocean serpent". The bridge is among the works of art of the "Estuaire", an artistic itinerary between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

Not far from the  town centre, a pleasant hour can be spent on the seafront promenade, where the 19th century residential districts have kept their unspoilt charm.

For more information, visit the Saint-Nazaire Tourisme & Patrimoine website.
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