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The Royal fortress of Chinon

The Royal fortress of Chinon and its imposing ramparts overlook the town below and the River Vienne which flows at its base. It was here that Joan of Arc and King Charles VII first met, in an encounter that marked the decisive turning point in the Hundred Years War.

Important episodes in the history of France

The rocky outcrop on which the Royal fortress of Chinon stands has always been a prized location, and the first fortress that was built here was by Thibault I, Count of Blois, at the beginning of the 10th century.

In 1308, a decisive episode in the history of the order of the Knights Templar occurred here, when the Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, and several other leading dignitaries of the order were imprisoned here before being taken to Paris for their sentence and subsequent burning at the stake

A century later, in the midst of the Hundred Years' War, it was also at Chinon that the historic meeting took place between Joan of Arc and the Dauphin, the future king of France, Charles VII. Joan of Arc came to assure the king of his legitimacy to the throne and persuade him to give her an army to save the kingdom from the English.

Chinon, a fortress of the third millennium

A six-year project has restored the royal fortress of Chinon to its former military splendour and architectural harmony. The royal buildings have regained their silhouettes of a 15th century residence typical of the Tours region, while the Tour de Coudray (the Coudray keep) has its stairway in its original place once again and 150 metres of the ramparts have been restored.

Launch an assault on the numerous towers around the restored ramparts! With a series of audio points, touchscreens, augmented reality and 3D models, the visit will take you on an informative, interactive and entertaining tour. Slip into the character of one of the great figures that have marked the history of this site over the centuries, or admire the magnificent views from the numerous viewpoints overlooking the valley of the Vienne.

Discover the fortress in a fun way

The royal fortress of Chinon invites you to learn about its history in a fun and entertaining way during one of the many shows, games, workshops and guided visits offered throughout the year. 
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