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The Royal Château of Amboise

Overlooking the Loire, the Royal Château of Amboise is reflected in the waters of the river. A major historic site of France and a royal palace, its medieval fortifications blend perfectly with the elegance of its Renaissance features.

The Royal Château of Amboise, a royal Renaissance-style palace

Charles VIII was born at Amboise, Francis I spent all of his childhood here and the children of Henry II and Catherine de' Medici also spent some time at the château. Over the centuries, numerous artists were also the guests of kings in the castle, the most famous being Leonardo da Vinci who was buried in the chapel of Saint-Hubert, next door to the château itself.

A visit to the royal apartments offers a chance to discover the splendid collections of Gothic and Renaissance furniture and gain a feeling of the refinement of this residence, which was so highly appreciated by the kings of France!

Fun and unusual ways to learn about France's history

The Royal Château of Amboise offers a broad range of visits for discovering the monument such as pretending to be a king, having a go at sword-handling or trying out Renaissance games... a family visit will offer plenty for the young to learn while having fun!

And don't forget to take a plunge into the backstage life of a royal residence. This unusual visit will lead you through the maze of cellars and underground corridors right up to the top of the Tour cavalière des Minimes, which used to be accessed... on horseback!

In summer, the nighttime history show called “The Amboise Prophecy” brings the Renaissance splendour back to life.

A contemporary garden

A stroll through the gardens is another must! A contemporary design with Mediterranean touches and planted with cypress, spherical box and green oaks, they offer an extraordinary view over the town and the River Loire.

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