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The Château of Clos Lucé – Leonardo da Vinci Park

Leonardo da Vinci was the most famous resident of the Château of Clos Lucé: it was in this pink brick house that the artist settled in 1516 after traveling from Italy upon the invitation of the French King Francis I. Appointed "First Painter, Engineer and Architect to the King", he worked on many projects here for the king and died in this very house three years later, in 1519.

All of Leonardo's genius

After crossing the Alps with three of his greatest paintings – the Mona Lisa, Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist – by mule, Leonardo da Vinci moved into the Château of Clos Lucé at Amboise. A painter and sculptor, he also worked as engineer, architect and even events planner, organising sumptuous celebrations for Francis I. The permanent exhibition, "Leonardo da Vinci and France" reveals this less well-known side of the artist's work.

In the basement of the Château of Clos Lucé, 40 models and six 3D animations present some of this visionary artist's inventions including the first car, the flying machine - an ancestor to the aeroplane - a tank and a parachute. During your visit here you will be able to explore all the mysteries of his extraordinary machines!

The Leonardo da Vinci park

Explore this landscaped itinerary to discover the multiple talents of the Renaissance genius. Operate 20 giant interactive machines and test out Leonardo's inventions with full-scale models! The helicopter, the fan-shaped machine gun, paddle boat and turning bridge will henceforth hold no secrets for you!

The Leonardo garden; Leonardo and nature

The Jardin de Léonard (Leonardo's Garden) is an open-air museum on the theme of nature. It was designed based on Leonardo da Vinci's paintings and drawings, and invites visitors to take a botanical stroll. Hanging on either side of the paths are forty semi-transparent canvases measuring 3 to 4 metres in height, which highlight the different aspects of the Italian artist's work. You can also listen to his thoughts on various subjects at the eight audio terminals installed in the park. Canvases, thematic panels and audio terminals explain Leonardo's link with these natural surroundings, which were such a big source of inspiration for him.
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