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Between Guérande and Herbignac, Le Pays Blanc and La Grande Brière lie "Les Jardins de Kermoureau" welcome visitors for a stroll in this heaven of greenery reminiscent of a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Take some time out, far from the madding crowd, barefoot on the grass…. In this park of some 8 hectares you will be totally absorbed by the rich alchemy of colours, forms, aromas, light and shade, the rustling of the leaves, the gentle song of the birds: the strict yet airy perspectives of these "Shakespearian style" gardens, with their 3 perfectly aligned ponds, set amongst astrolabe and sun dials, boxwood topiaries, archways decked in roses, weeping willows close to the well, the joyous chaos of the perennial plants, the secret hollow paths lined with ancient oaks which lead to the old pond covered in lentils and the lake with its blanket of water lilies where legends begin. In the waters the carp dart about observed by the ever watchful eye of the kingfisher, this wonderland of greenery where two thoroughbreds live out their twilight years in the wild meadows. A garden of ferns springs forth from the heart of a ruin, a cross of granite, a host of blue and pink hydrangeas sublimate the granite of the old farmhouse from the XIXth century. There are rhododendrons and hydrangeas by the hundreds, light maples, the rare and endangered mountain ash which gave the Celts their ale, magnolias with their heady perfume, ginkgo biloba, the Virginia Tulip tree with its cathead shaped leaves… This park which is composed of a thousand gardens is classified as "remarkable". Groups of actors lend their talents and bring this magical place to life.
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