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A Unique Adventure: A Travelling Digital Road Show

The first of its kind in France - hit the trail last April to commemorate Leonardo da Vinci and the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance. Starting at Leonardo’s birthplace in Italy, the horse-drawn caravan and digital lab is winding its way up to Amboise at the same gentle pace as da Vinci back in the 15th century when his great admirer and friend, King Francis I, invited him to come and make France his home.

The innovative cultural Odyssey is focussing on the multiple aspects of Leonardo’s visionary genius. It’s aim is have the young generation – and their elders – better understand the importance of his legacy. And also the tremendous challenges – scientific, technological, ecological and human - facing us in the 21st century and to meet them, as Leonardo did, by ‘thinking outside the box’.

During the caravan’s many stops along the way, including both major cities and small towns, visitors will be asked to jot down and share their thoughts and impressions in a giant leaf notebook. Be prepared for some intriguing results!  

The roving digital caravan will travel to Orleans, Blois, Tours, Chambord and Amboise, where it will pitch camp between Aug. 23 and Sept. 20.
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