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Two major ship departures from the Saint-Nazaire shipyards!

2018 is an important year for the shipyards in Saint-Nazaire!

The year will mark the departure of two cruise ships. First up, the Symphony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, left the port of Saint-Nazaire in March. At 362 metres long with 2,775 rooms and a capacity of 6,780 passengers, the liner ousts her elder sister, the Harmony of the Seas.
In October, it will be the Celebrity Edge‘s turn to set sail. This high-end liner measuring 306 metres long by 39 metres wide is fitted with rooms and suites that are as luxurious as they are comfortable.

Each launch is an occasion for great events on land!

The shipyards of Saint-Nazaire are an integral part of French maritime heritage. The site is the largest shipyard in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.
For nearly a century and a half these ships have been the greatest ambassadors of Saint-Nazaire and testify to incredible expertise. Numerous ships have been built here including the Normandie, the Queen Mary 2 and the massive oil tanker the Batillus. Each liner has its own story to tell.
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