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Top 8 jewels of Anjou

Live to the full in Anjou, at the heart of the Loire Valley. There’s no end of enriching experiences!   

Sleep in the heart of a troglodyte dwelling 

Only here will you be able to tell of a night spent in the heart of an Anjou troglodyte dwelling. Whether in a guest room or a hotel, your experience will be unique. A one-of-a-kind stay awaits you!  
Book a room at La Demeure de la Vignole hotel 

Try a cocktail class at Carré Cointreau 

Surprise your dinner guests by mastering the different cocktails you can make with Cointreau, a typical Anjou drink! Margarita, Fizz, Autumn Shandy… success guaranteed!  
Drink responsibly​

Admire the sunrise on a Toue boat 

Board a traditional Loire boat to enjoy the silence and the peaceful Anjou scenery. Watch the wildlife waking up, breath in the pure, natural air and enjoy the breath-taking sunrise scene...  
More information on L'eau à la bouche  
More information on Bateau La Fauvette 

Get away for a bit of shopping in Cholet 

Wander with friends through the streets in the centre of Cholet near the Arcades Rougé and pause to taste the regional culinary specialities in the Halles covered market. Continue your trip to L’ Autre Faubourg on the outskirts and end the day in style by bagging a few deals at the Marques Avenue shopping centre in La Séguinière.   

Enjoy the luxury of staying in a chateau

The fame of the Val de Loire could not exist without its châteaux! Visit all these masterpieces, each with their own particularities, and take the time to experience the life of a lord during a visit:  
Book your visit to Montgeoffroy castle  
Book your visit to the Château du Plessis-Bourré  
Visit the castle of Vaux

Playing at La Boule de Fort   

Get out your slippers! The boule de fort is the sport that supposes to be there, in slippers, so as not to damage the flat floor. Take some balls, not quite round, and play a game, always in a good mood! 
Several meeting places exist in Anjou: Les amis réunis, L'amitié-Cuon, Les bons enfants... 

Embrace the Loire on board a hot-air balloon  

Take off early in the morning or at sunset to see the area from above. On the programme: colours, smells, emotions, chance encounters... An exceptional experience to be enjoyed alone, with two or more people!   
Professionals will send you up in the air : Air Loire Montgolfière, Domaine de Gagnebert, Montgolfière sensation

Diving 126 metres underground in the Blue Mine

This site, unique in Europe, is located in the heart of the former mining site. Visit the galleries and extraction chambers, discover the origin of slate, its mining techniques, the lives of the men who extracted and reassembled the blue stone at the beginning of the 20th century... A journey underground and through time!  

Information about La Mine Bleue