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Everyone knows that the Loire Valley is full of stunning locations, each one more beautiful than the next... How about stopping for a moment to watch the world go by, capturing the colours you can see on paper or contemplating the surrounding wildlife? We’ve got a few fantastic spots for you!     

On top of Sainte-Anne hill in Nantes 

This hill, which can be seen from the Ile de Nantes and even from Trentemoult, is home to a charming neighbourhood full of surprises. It even plays host to works from the “A Journey in Nantes” route: the cantilever Hermitage Belvedere at the top of the cliff with views of the Loire, city and sky, and Lunar tree, a strange white tree that crowns the cliff and measures 12 metres in height and is also visible from the Ile de Nantes.   
Needless to say, the sunset facing the Loire from the steps next to the Jules Verne house is also spectacular...   

From the top of Oudon keep 

It’s well worth the climb! At the top of the keep at the Château of Oudon there is a panoramic view of the royal river and the small town filled with charm. Whether in the morning, evening or during the day, in summer or winter, the light is never the same. You can return as many times as you want, the view will always be magical!   

A stunning view from Le Thoureil 

The old port of Le Thoureil, an emblematic town in the Loire Valley, evokes the golden age of inland water shipping. The town was also home to Dutch wine merchants. This “Small City of Character” is above all known for its superb panoramic view of the Loire from the top of the town. Or, if you decide to take Chemin Le Toureil and follow it to its end, the view is equally stunning...   

From the listed site of Le Champalud in Champtoceaux 

Between Angers and Nantes, ascend the 70-metre climb to the listed site of Le Champalud to enjoy an exceptional, picture-perfect panoramic view of the Loire Valley and the Ile de Nantes...   
You will find everything you need for an enjoyable moment of relaxation, including a picnic area, children’s play area and open-air swimming pool. Time stands still in this flourishing verdant setting with a magnificent view!    

From the Château of Saumur 

Climb to the top of this magnificent château overlooking the royal river and admire the city’s old district and a breath-taking view of the Loire. During the day or at sunset, with a snack or a picnic to make sure you miss nothing of the changing colours, you will be captivated by the beauty before you... If you have the time and the inclination, you can also visit the Château of Saumur which is listed as UNESCO world heritage...