The top 5 gems of LA

A stone's throw away from the Loire Valley, this is a place packed with varied and diverse landscapes which make it magnificent and attractive in all seasons. No, we’re not taking you to Los Angeles, but somewhere even better: join us in Loire Atlantique! 

Stroll through the majestic Guérande salt marshes

Labelled a “Site Remarquable du Goût” (Site of Remarkable Taste), the salt marshes have been shaped by the hand of man for centuries. You can walk there and discover their distinct atmosphere, the tranquillity of these vast expanses of white bathed in the sun. A stunning sight! The Guérande salt marshes stretch over 1,650 hectares around Batz-sur-Mer, Guérande and La Turballe... perfect for a walk in complete tranquillity.

Climbing the walls around the mediaeval town of Guérande

1,300m of town walls, four gates and six towers: you can visit the walls of Guérande along the sentry walk, then enter through Porte Saint-Michel which testifies to the city's prestige and power in the Middle Ages. You are advised to climb onto a part of the walls that has been restored!
Building of the walls started in the 14th century and they are a listed historic monument, to be enjoyed on a stroll back through time, before or after you visit the salt marshes!

Perching in a fishing hut in Pornic

The Jade Coast, a port, coves and fine sand... cast off your moorings in Pornic and stroll along the coast, facing the sea. All along the route you will come across fishing huts with their breath-taking views: as if your feet were in the water, inhaling the smells of the ocean, and gazing out to sea... A pleasurable and relaxing moment guaranteed! 

Strolling at Domaine de la Garenne Lemot

Near the banks of the Sèvres and the Nantes vineyards, you will spy this majestic, Italian-inspired building, set in a vast park of some 13 hectares... a location untouched by time, which today houses a temporary exhibition area inside the building. During your walk in the park, you will come across ornamental  follies - statues, grottos, columns and tombs. Visit the charming village of Clisson, looking just like an Italian town! A change of scene guaranteed, without leaving France!

Go green... In the Gavre forest!

With 4,500 hectares of walks amidst centuries-old trees, and protected flora and fauna, the only State-owned forest in the Loire-Atlantique has numerous hiking, sporting and educational trails, a pavilion and an arboretum... Perfect for an enjoyable break, breathing in the oxygen from the surrounding vegetation, taking a break for lunch or a snack, lying down to feel all the energy it releases, or discovering all the species that populate the Gavre forest. Enjoy!