Three unusual ideas for visiting Tours

There is no shortage of reasons to visit Tours, the capital of Touraine and a city of Art and History! Discover three unusual ideas for visiting Tours

Visit Tours with a Greeter

Greeters are local residents who are passionate about their city. They offer to share their enthusiasm with you during a free walk lasting approximately two hours, offering a warm welcome and a moment of conviviality. As you discover the city’s streets and squares, your guide will tell you about the local history and will be sure to throw in a couple of anecdotes! They will also be delighted to show you their favourite places including tea rooms, restaurants and small shops for making a few purchases… Whether you are interested in history, literature, gardens, gastronomy or anything else, Josselin, Emilie, Pierrette, Vincent and all the other Tours Greeters will be happy to show you round!

Visit Tours on a gyroscopic transporter

Why not try out a visit on a gyroscopic transporter (or Segway) to explore Tours and discover its heritage? Silent and environmentally friendly, these odd-looking machines are perfect for a fun visit with the family (age 10+ years). Giroway Val de Loire offers outings of 1hr 30min or 2 hours to explore Tours. After a few tips on how to “drive”, it’s time to set off for a guided tour! Your gyro-transporter will lead you on a discovery of the major sites and monuments of this typical Touraine city. 
See more information about visiting Tours on a gyro-transporter with Giroway Val de Loire

Visit Tours... In a sidecar!

Take a seat in a sidecar with the full retro look to visit the stunning city of Tours. Your gentlemanly chauffeur will be delighted to show you unusual and emblematic sites of the city on an unconventional outing that will take you past places such as the banks of the Loire and Wilson bridge, Saint-Gatien cathedral and Place des Halles.
There is even a “Retro by night” outing during which you can visit Tours by moonlight! The well-known vibrant Place Plumereau, Rue Colbert, Saint-Martin Basilica… Tours, a City of Art and History, is a blend of culture and the art of living.