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You’ve just spent a day or so in the Loire Valley. Find a souvenir that will make your stay last even longer!   

Fleur de sel 

This white gold from the salt marshes has been harvested in the same way for centuries. The salt workers use time-old techniques to look after the marshes and collect the precious mineral to delight your taste buds. As everyone knows, only well-seasoned cooking is truly worth its salt!  
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Muscadet, the famous wine from the Nantes vineyards  

There are four AOC appellations: Muscadet, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire and Muscadet Côtes de Grand-Lieu. Whether you travelled by bike or on foot, you will certainly have enjoyed discovering this wine-growing region and meeting the passionate men and women who make such great wines... It’s the very essence of the Loire Valley!  
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Saffron jam 

The most expensive spice in the world also grows in France, and it grows in Anjou! Have you visited the saffron farm in Orée d'Anjou and tasted their exceptional products? Take some back with you to spice up your cooking or surprise your guests... Jams and jellies, mustard, champagne vinegar, saffron syrup, saffron beer, saffron gingerbread... There’s plenty to choose from!  
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Le Vinaillou biscuits with Cabernet d'Anjou

This unique, traditional biscuit factory in Anjou makes biscuits with Cabernet d'Anjou. You have likely visited the site, discovered how these special treats are made (every morning) and tasted the whole range of biscuits and cakes... Why not take some home?  
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Pommes tapées 

This authentic and surprising sight is typical of the Loire Valley: whole galleries cut into the cliff and nestling in the hillside, the home of the famous pommes tapées! What a tale... to tell and to taste!  
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Alpaca wool clothes 

Did you think alpacas were only kept by the Quechua peoples? You can also find them in Anjou! Planète Alpaga farm invites you to discover their exotic herd. You’re sure to find the perfect souvenir of your visit in their shop selling jumpers, ponchos, hats, socks and other items all made with their own wool. Comfort and quality guaranteed!   
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