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We’ll let you in on a well-kept secret.... Saint-Nazaire has 20 beaches and creeks, each one more beautiful than the next! Spread out your towel, enjoy the water activities, have a picnic or watch the sunset... There’s nothing like it!   

20 beaches and creeks including 2 beaches with the “Handiplage” label, 6 supervised beaches in summer, 1 celebrity beach that hosted the film Mr Hulot’s Holiday, 3 beaches with the Pavillon Bleu label and 1 water sports centre... There’s plenty to choose from, and that’s just in Saint-Nazaire!  
> Beaches in Saint-Nazaire

The Skate Park water sports centre 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, try catamaran sailing and windsurfing (courses, group lessons and hire available) or canoeing (hire) in Saint-Nazaire. Fun times in the sea air guaranteed!  
> More information on the Skate Park water sports centre

Mouette and sea  

Board a catamaran in Saint-Nazaire for an outing to explore the coastline and the Estuary. Feel the elements as you sail and enjoy a truly magical experience.  
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Discovery cruise, views of the Estuary 

Climb aboard for a discovery cruise and discover the diversity of the different port terminals through the busy port activity, which recently grew to include the fascinating world of hydroelectric power. This surprising outing combines a commented cruise with a visit to the EOL Centre Eolien.   
> More information on the discovery cruises

Discovery cruise, the lighthouse route  

During this evening cruise you will enjoy the magical moment at sunset when the sea and the coastal landscape are bathed in a golden light before the sky darkens and lights are lit to guide the ships. It is a unique moment when time stands still.   
> More information on the discovery cruises​

All the water activities in Saint-Nazaire 

Please contact the service providers directly, by telephone or email, before making purchases for your upcoming outings.