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The ‘Route Augmentée’ des Chateaux de la Loire’: A Revolutionary New Experience

Five leading Loire Valley châteaux - Chambord, Blois, Loches, Amboise and Chinon – have introduced a remarkable new tool allowing visitors to view their sites in augmented reality and experience them in a radically new way. Inaugurated in the spring of 2019 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance, the HistoPad, an interactive touch tablet, makes the art of touring creative, inventive and fun.
And don’t worry: the Histopad, a concept developed by a young French start-up, was especially designed to be easy to use and accessible to all, even for those freaked out by new technologies!
Just pick up the tablet at the entrance to the site, then scan the terminal in a room, aim the screen towards what you want to see and hop, like magic, you’ll see the scene before you reconstructed exactly as it was in the past, including banquets, balls and other special events. View secret hidden places and, by tapping on the pictograms find out all about its history, architecture, furnishings and the inside dope on the people who lived there.
So equip yourself with this amazing new digital passport and zoom back through space and time, right into the heart of the Renaissance.

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