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New sound and light show at the Château of Blois

From 21st April, come and discover the new show at the Royal Château of Blois. The sound and light display titled "If Blois was recounted to me" has been redesigned using state-of-the-art technology and now promises visitors a stunningly realistic spectacle!

New technology used to recount the history of France

Special effects in the new show, including 3D models, remixed music, spatial voice, video mapping and cinematographic techniques such as matte painting, will reveal the history of the Royal Château of Blois to visitors from a brand new perspective. At nightfall, key figures from the past are brought to life on the four wings of the monument in a whirlwind of 360° images! 

Sound and light plunge visitors into the history of the Royal Château of Blois

Lights embrace the form of the building with flickering candles, glowing embers and rainwater gushing down the surfaces. The monumental immersive projections transport visitors into the heart of the history of the royal residence that was once the home of 7 kings and 10 queens of France. From the centre of the courtyard, discover the turbulent history of the Royal Château of Blois through twelve different episodes, including a trembling château yielding to Catherine de’ Medici and a shuddering château at the time of the assassination of the Duke of Guise. Love affairs, tragedy and secrets whirl across the facades of the building in a breath-taking show with strikingly realistic figures.
With a script written by Alain Decaux and the voices of Robert Hossein, Pierre Arditi and Fabrice Lucchini, let yourself be swept away for 45 minutes into the maze-like corridors of the history of the Royal Château of Blois.
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