Home to the kings and queens of France and the royal court for many centuries, the Loire Valley and its Châteaux have plenty of stories to tell you. Let’s go!  

Relive the biggest moments in France’s history  

You can read about the history of France in books, but what could be better than visiting the Loire Châteaux to immerse yourself in everything that happened there, both big and small? It’s also an excellent opportunity to admire the various architectural styles that developed throughout the centuries.  

Climb the stairs that were once taken by Diane de Poitieres or Catherine de’ Medici at Château of Chenonceau or Château of Chaumont-sur-Loire. Admire the view over the Loire from the terraces of the Royal Château of Amboise, where Charles VIII and Francis I were raised. Feel the scholarly atmosphere of Leonardo da Vinci’s workshops at Château of Le Clos-Lucé. Walk through the apartments of the Duke of Sully, Minister to King Henri IV, at Château of Sully-sur-Loire... So many sensations and stories to experience to the fullest!   

Explore the Châteaux thanks to new technology.  

Though they are witnesses to history, the Loire Châteaux are by no means out of touch with the present. They offer a whole range of fun, interactive tools to allow you to go back in time.  So head online and discover them, with the Histopad device in your own two hands. Be transported to the time of the royal court, with sets rebuilt in 3D and virtual reality.  

Discover Château of Chambord as it was in the era of Francis I, enter the Room of the General Estates at Royal Château of Blois in 1588, when the Duke of Guide was assassinated, attend the meeting between Charles VII and Joan of Arc at the Royal Fortress of Chinon or at the seat of the Royal City of Loches in the year 1205, explore the lost spaces of the Royal Château of Amboise, and more...  HistoPad takes you to the heart of history!   

Art and history in the gardens   

The gardens surrounding the Châteaux invite you for a stroll. The Villandry gardens are a marvellous illustration of the Renaissance art of gardening. In the nine squares of the ornamental vegetable patch, you will find a range of flowers and vegetables throughout the seasons. At Château of Langeais, site of a historic marriage, the park is home to a belvedere offering a lovely view over the Loire River. Built by Gilles Berthelot, advisor to King Louis XII and treasurer of France, Château of Azay le Rideau is surrounded by a huge English-style park. Château of Le Rivau will open the doors of its fifteen fairytale gardens wide to you. Enjoy a fabulous walk interspersed with huge works of art. Château of Cheverny was Hergé’s inspiration for Marlinspike Hall, home to Tintin and his companions between their adventures. Take a stroll through the heart of these gardens, each with its own unique atmosphere.  

From Château to Château, explore the life-sized history of France!