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The textile capital and its region welcome you for a variety of walks, each one more fascinating than the next!   

Follow the thread of textile and fashion...   

The Cholet textile and fashion museum is the starting point for all these walks. In the old Rivière Sauvageau textile factory, visitors discover the history of the textile industry, from a demonstration of how the famous Cholet handkerchief is woven to a walk in the garden of fibre crops and dyeing plants. You can also follow the evolution of fashion over the years and take part in themed visits or workshops for children and adults.   
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Stroll through the streets of Cholet...  

The old houses here testify to the important role of the textile industry in the history of Cholet. The typical buildings on Passage des Blanchisseurs, Rue de Livet and Rue de la Dubé once had looms in their cellars. Continue your walk along one of the city’s oldest streets, Rue Nantaise. Then continue along Rue des Vieux Greniers, where you will see the Grenier à Sel tower still standing at no. 41. Take a seat on Place Travot for a coffee before a spot of shopping in the surrounding streets!     

Admire the works in the museum... 

The famous artist François Morellet has his own dedicated space in the Cholet Museum of Art and History. During your visit you will discover a few of the Cholet local’s early works. You can even explore the labyrinth he designed with friends from the Visual Art Research Group!   
This space in the heart of the city presents an exceptional collection in large, well-lit spaces where sculptures, paintings and memory objects live side by side.  

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