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Angers, the exceptional heritage of the Loire Valley

As the capital of Anjou, the city of Angers boasts exceptional heritage that is worth exploring during your visit: châteaux, the historic city, gardens and museums. Let us tell you about these places which have shaped the city.

The Château of Angers

In its central location in town, the Château of Angers has looked out over the Maine River since the 13th century. With its imposing 17 towers and high walls, it is no less amazing when you cross the drawbridge. Inside you discover lush gardens contrasting with the white tuffeau stone of the different buildings. It’s inside the château that you will find its real treasure, the famous Apocalypse wall hanging. A 140-metre long tapestry commissioned by Louis I of Anjou around 1375, 103 metres of which are exhibited in the château. It is the largest collection of mediaeval tapestries in the world. 

The châteaux around Angers

Only 20 minutes away by car, you can see what is referred to as the “Giant of the Loire Valley”. With its 7 floors, the Château of Brissac is the highest in Europe. The family it belongs to is still in residence, but the château is still open to visitors, as are its vast gardens. Also around twenty minutes away from Angers, but this time to the north, stands the Château of Plessis-Bourré. This real gem of a château is surrounded by a vast stretch of water which embodies its character. It was also used as a film set for the film “Peau d’Âne” (Donkey Skin).

Angers’ gothic centre

In the cobbled back streets of the city centre, you are immediately immersed in the medieval world of Angers. Here you will find many half-timbered houses, one of which is particularly worth a look, the Maison d’Adam. With its funny characters, it is one of the most remarkable in the city. 

Saint-Maurice Cathedral

Overlooking an immense avenue leading to the Maine River, the Cathedral stands out with its slender silhouette. It bears witness to the gothic city with its door and facade which can be admired from the steps of the Montée Saint-Maurice. The Cathedral still has its 12th-century stained glass windows and contains a large collection of tapestries.  

The David d’Angers Galerie

This art gallery is an exceptional mixture of modernity and 13th-century architecture. Its vast contemporary glass ceiling lets the light through and showcases the works of the sculptor David d’Angers. After your visit, you will have an opportunity to stroll through the Beaux-Arts Garden and take a break in the Toussaint cloister.