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Explore the Routes des Vins in Anjou and meet winegrowers, discover their know-how and share their passion. The Anjou-Saumur vineyards, listed as UNESCO World Heritage, form a stunning landscape and forge the identity of a whole region.  

Panoramic views of the Loire – 77km circuit  

On the hillsides flanking the royal river, the vines benefit from sunshine all year-round while still profiting from the cool of the river. This ideal climate produces fresh, full-bodied wines such as Malvoisie, Muscadet and Anjou blanc. During your trip, you will also have the opportunity to stop and admire stunning panoramic views of the Loire.  

The wild Loire and Anjou cliffs – 58km circuit 

Take to the heights on the Anjou cliffs and tour the area to discover the Anjou-coteaux-de-la-Loire appellation. Along the way, stop off at the must-see Béhuard island, the only inhabited island on the river.  

The hillsides and panoramic views of Le Layon – 86km circuit  

Fall under the charm of the authentic villages on the hillsides surrounding Le Layon, where the local winegrowers will tell you passionately all about their work. Travel through the valley of Le Layon and discover Chenin grapes, the local grape variety that grows on the schist hills between the Loire and the Le Layon. For tasting: sweet wines like the Coteaux-du-layon and the Bonnezeaux.     

The Château of Brissac and the Aubance vineyards – 51km circuit 

You will discover some great red wines during this trip through the Aubance region. It was here that the Anjou-villages-brissac appellation was born, of which the prestigious Château of Brissac is the standard-bearer.   
Enjoy a magnificent view of the royal river and its wine-growing hillsides from the Loire levee between Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire and Angers.   

The vineyards and heritage of Haut-Layon – 66km circuit 

During this circuit you will plunge into the heart of the countryside at the source of Le Layon, which lends its name to Coteaux-du-layon, a sweet Anjou wine. Rosé and red wines are also gaining ground, however, and are definitely worth discovering in this winemaking region.   

The vineyards and troglodyte dwellings of Haut-Layon – 90km circuit  

In the Saumur region, you will find not only the best troglodyte sites in France but also producers of great sparkling wines. Let yourself be charmed by the wine-growing countryside and won over by the Saumur-champigny, Saumur rouge and Saumur blanc appellations during your tour.