Unusual: the greatest figures of the château

Seven kings and ten queens lived in the Château of Blois, which was a pleasant home for them situated in a highly strategic location. The royal residence still holds the memory of these famous figures and the extraordinary events that took place within its walls.
For more than four centuries the royal residence of Blois was lived in by a long succession of queens, kings and princes, and it has played host to some of the most famous people in the history of France. The story begins with Charles of Orléans, who liked to receive large numbers of artists in his favourite residence. Louis XII was born here and spent time living in the château with his wife, Anne of Brittany. He added the earliest influences from the Italian model to the wing named after him, but the château really owes its Renaissance elegance to Francis I, whose work on it was the first in a long line of projects for the builder king.
Catherine de’ Medici, who died at Blois, made it the site of all negotiations during the French Wars of Religions and her son, Henry III, had his rival the Duke of Guise assassinated here. Louis XIII exiled his mother, Marie de’ Medici, here until she escaped. Lastly, Prince Gaston of Orléans came to live here until he died.
Monarchs liked to receive members of high society, and among the great names who came to the château there were François Villon, Philip the Fair and Joanna of Castile, Charles Quint and the poet Pierre de Ronsard, who also met his most famous muse, Cassandra, during a ball given by the Court.
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