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500 years of royal parties at the Royal Château of Amboise

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s arrival in Amboise, the 2018 programme at the Royal Château of Amboise will be paying tribute to the sumptuous parties orchestrated at the Court during the reign of Francis I. The season will be punctuated by grand Renaissance balls, concerts and shows.

As a royal residence during the Renaissance, the Royal Château of Amboise lent its prestigious setting to the grandest parties of the time. We should not forget that Francis I was a friend of Leonardo da Vinci, who was also very skilled in creating stunning festivities. Special effects and water features brought to life grand balls in honour of the king, a theme which the Royal Château of Amboise has chosen to revisit throughout the year. With grand Renaissance balls, concerts and shows for young and old, the cultural programme will be donning its finest period costumes to plunge visitors into the sumptuousness of days gone by. In parallel, visitors can discover the progress in the Naples garden planted in 2017, as well as a new space where digital stations present the château “in all its states”. Last but not least, a new cafe will be welcoming visitors on its terrace as of spring.