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The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud: a Michelin Star

Thibaut Ruggeri, Head Chef at Fontevraud Le Restaurant, has been awarded a Michelin Star for the unparalleled quality and creativeness of his cuisine. A well-merited reward for this audacious Chef who places his talent at the service of the Abbey.​

Three years after the opening of the restaurant at Fontevraud, its young chef Thibaut Ruggeri has been awarded his first star in the Michelin Guide in recognition of his outstanding work to satisfy the palates of his food-loving guests. Already a winner of the international Bocuse d’Or contest (2013), the chef stands out for his integrity and skills which have been praised on multiple occasions by Alain Solivérès, Head Chef of the Taillevent restaurants, who describes him as “meticulous, discreet, respectful and humble”. Before taking the reins at Fontevraud Le Restaurant, Thibaut trained under the greatest masters. Upon arriving here, his aim was to provide “creative, contemporary and sensory cuisine that upholds the values of French excellence and blends with the history of Fontevraud”. He focuses on unpretentious cooking that combined quality and taste through local produce. Strongly committed to respecting the local terroir, the Chef has created organic vegetable gardens in the heart of the Royal Abbey itself, in memory of the old Abbey kitchen gardens. He has also set up discovery workshops on the arts and gastronomy within the family. Beyond the cuisine, this Star rewards the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud’s wager of bringing together gastronomy, history, heritage and arts and design.