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Hidden treasure: the world of athletes

Like all top-level athletes, the horses at the Cadre Noir are well looked after and receive the best treatment. Private veterinary surgeons, made-to-measure shoes and adapted attire… it’s not bad being a horse at Saumur!​

The horses of the Cadre Noir receive special care to ensure their well-being and optimise their performance. The site has its own veterinary surgery with an operating theatre, x-ray and radiography rooms and different treatment rooms. The medical team monitors the horses daily and works in conjunction with the farriery for fitting orthopaedic shoes, which are sometimes necessary after an injury. The farriers adapt each shoe to the horse’s morphology and the animals are shoed every 4 to 6 weeks. They play an essential role in the horses’ well-being, allowing them to avoid injury during training.
Approximately 60 grooms/healthcare specialists look after the horses on a daily basis and some even provide “groom service”, which involves travelling with the horses during gala tours. Particular attention is paid to turn out on show days. The horses’ manes and tails are braided to give them a fine appearance that matches that of their equerries, who dress in traditional attire comprising a black jacket with gold bands and symbols, a bicorn hat made of black felt, a black whip with three ferrules and gold spurs: elegance is a top priority for the protectors of our traditions.
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