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Cadre Noir of Saumur - French National Riding School: Le rendez-vous des initiés

Whether you are keenly interested in equestrian art or training to become an equerry, the “Le rendez-vous des initiés” in-depth visit has been designed just for you! In addition to the standard visit of the Cadre Noir, this tour showcases the technical side of the school’s skills and knowledge and its range of professional training courses.

The Cadre Noir of Saumur invites lovers of equestrian sports to discover the French national riding school through exceptional 2-hour visits. “Le rendez-vous des initiés” will reveal the training courses offered by the school and the technical aspects of the skills taught in its arenas. In addition to its shows, the Cadre Noir’s work is built on two main foundations: training horse-riding instructors, and nurturing top French riders. During the visit, you will be able to observe the daily work of the equerries and discover the layout of the stables, regular exercises, the farriery and more.  
Along the way, visitors will cross grooms, healthcare specialists and veterinary surgeons in charge of the horses’ wellbeing, discover what the 300 horses eat and what an equine solarium looks like and, to top it all off, meet the equine athletes that take part in top international competitions. “Le rendez-vous des initiés” will plunge visitors into the heart of life at the Cadre Noir and unveil the infrastructures of excellence at the service of the equestrian heritage of tomorrow.