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Return of the pedestal table belonging to Jérôme Bonaparte to the Château of Villandry

The Château of Villandry has made a highly valuable purchase in the form of the Empire style pedestal table commissioned by Jérôme Bonaparte when he lived in the château. 

The Château of Villandry owes its imposing presence and uniqueness to its successive owners who all aspired to improve it with the finest expertise of their time. Such was the case of Jérôme Bonaparte, the Emperor’s younger brother, who moved into the château in the middle of the Empire period. At the time, he commissioned a pedestal table from the master cabinetmaker Jacob-Desmalter. This exceptional piece is entirely veneered with mahogany, and the table top is set with nine blue porcelain medallions from the Sèvres Manufacture. Its legs are decorated with friezes of laurel leaves on stems, resting on mahogany feet in the form of lions’ paws. It is an extremely fine piece of work. After the departure of Jérôme Bonaparte, the pedestal table was stored in various locations in the château for a century or so before being sold. Its recent purchase by the Château of Villandry will allow it to be displayed it in its original place: the study of Joachim Carvallo. It is a valuable acquisition for both the château and the whole of French heritage.