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The builders of the Château of Valençay

The Château of Valençay will be opening celebrations with a major exhibition dedicated to the Estampes family, who gave the château such fine architecture.

From 1 June to 11 November, the Estampes Gallery will be paying tribute to the owners of the Château of Valençay during the Renaissance period. The Estampes family contributed to the transformation of the estate before it was bought by Talleyrand, and the exhibition will reveal their history, disposition in the art of collecting and the scope of their architectural creation. On the evening of the opening of the exhibition, the château will launch another project called “Renaissance sonore” (Sounds of the Renaissance). The project, entrusted to the Instrumental Ensemble of Bourges, will present two compositions based on the spirit of the Renaissance and performed by an ensemble of ancient, traditional and modern musical instruments. The Renaissance theme will also be included in the Talleyrand Festival in September and the Diplomatics festival in October.