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Not to be missed: collections in the Château of Saumur

For more than a century the château has been home to the collections of the Town Museum and the Horse Museum. Both contain national treasures and offer a fascinating overview of art and craftmanship within the historic walls themselves.

The Château of Saumur is home to Saumur town museum, which boasts 32,000 items from the decorative arts and equestrian arts. Its collections were first compiled in 1829 and were displayed in the north wing from 1912. The works are dotted around the apartments that once belonged to the Dukes of Anjou as well as the abbatial church.

The first section contains one of the finest collections of French pottery and an incredible series of tapestries dating from the 15th to 18th centuries. It also holds Limousin enamels, stamped furnishings, paintings and coloured sculptures.

The town’s equestrian tradition is also showcased through items that retrace the history of horse riding across the world, from Antiquity to the early 20th century. Saddles, stirrups, bits, spurs, bitless bridles, ornaments, costumes and accessories make up the collection, which is the largest of its kind in France. The exhibits also include œuvres d'art and approximately 1,000 publications dating from as early as the 16th century. The visit is a fascinating introduction to a tour of the town, which is just a couple of hundred metres away.
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