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The Château of Saumur opens its doors

The château-museum of Saumur will be opening its doors to the public in February to allow families to enjoy its heritage during the winter holidays.

A must-see visit on the historic route through the Valley of Kings, the Château of Saumur has announced its upcoming reopening from 9 February until 11 November, then will be opening again during the 2019 Christmas holidays. The opening will provide the opportunity to (re)discover the fine collections in this former palace of the Dukes of Anjou, now listed as a “Museum of France”. The first floor, which is dedicated to the decorative arts, reveals some of the finest pieces of earthenware in France as well as tapestries which are mostly listed as historic monuments. The old abbey building is dedicated to horse tack thanks to the donation of a multitude of objects once belonging to the Museum of Horses. These items come from all over the world and cover the periods from Antiquity to the 20th century. The museum offers a thrilling alternative to visiting the building itself.