Hidden treasure: the Golden Crown Tower

The Golden Crown Tower constitutes a joint work built by father and daughter that gives the château an elegance rivalled only by the arcades of its loggias. Francis II and Anne of Brittany took the château of Nantes to the height of refinement.

When Francis II commissioned the works on the château, his aim was to turn it into a “palatial fortress”. He built a residential château in white tuffeau stone with elegant facades, but died before the project was finished. His daughter, Anne, took over the work and continued her father’s project while adding a touch of femininity. She raised the height of the staircase on the facade of the Golden Crown Tower by adding two loggias, a Renaissance-style creation that was completely original for the time. She also added roof windows and sculpted ornamentation with an associated array of animal and plant symbols.

Her coat of arms and monogram can still be seen on the fortress’s walls. From the loggias, Anne of Brittany could admire the land of her duchy and the banks of the Loire. The double staircase granted access to a private room where she liked to receive guests and read. The château now organises exceptional visits that allow visitors to cross the loggias and climb to the top of the Golden Crown Tower from where there is a panoramic view of the surrounding Nantes landscape.
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