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Exhibition called "We call them Vikings"

From 16 June to 18 November 2018, the Château of the Dukes of Brittany will be hosting a unique international exhibition titled Nous les appelons Vikings. 
The Château of the Dukes of Brittany will be opening a new exhibition dedicated to the Vikings in partnership with the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. Traders, pillagers, navigators, explorers... The Vikings have long inspired our imagination, in particular in view of their reputation as shameless, bloodthirsty brutes. However, few people are aware of the key role they played in Europe between 793 and 1066. To break down myths and legends, the exhibition will unveil an astonishing collection of objects in connection with different themes such as religion, funeral worship, craftsmanship and boat building. Visitors will also be able to discover a real Viking village and learn a multitude of new things, such as how to write your name in rune, build a Viking boat, dress a Viking and even wield a sword. The immersive exhibition makes use of multimedia devices and will captivate both young and old!
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