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Château of the Dukes of Brittany: Les esprits, l’or et le Chaman, l’Eldorado amérindien

Where does the legend of El Dorado come from and what are the secrets it conceals? The Château des Ducs de Bretagne sheds light on the tale through a major exhibition titled Les Esprits, l’Or et le Chaman - l’Eldorado Amérindien which offers a fascinating insight into the origins of the lost city.​

As part of the year-long France-Colombia 2017 project, the Château of the Dukes of Brittany is hosting an exceptional exhibition titled Les Esprits, l’Or et le Chaman - l’Eldorado Amérindien (Spirits, Gold and Shamans – the Amerindian El Dorado). From 1st July to 12 November, come and discover nearly 220 gold exhibits from the collections of the Gold Museum in Bogotá. Finery, ornaments, amulets, masks… the exhibits reveal the skills of pre-Hispanic societies in Columbia and the symbolic power they attributed to these items. In these societies, gold had no trade value, but was a carrier of the sun’s vital creative energy. The chiefs and shamans used the gold items to change their appearance and heighten their charisma. The precious nugget was used as a religious offering or a symbol of prestige in different rites. Before the arrival of the conquistadors, Colombia was home to a variety of experiments and inventions in goldsmithery. Spellbound by the abundance of gold in the land, they built the legend of El Dorado, which had a profound impact on the way societies functioned. The exhibition’s scenography provides a universal reflection on the theme of transformation and identity. It also highlights the essential role of the shaman, who was considered an intermediary between man and nature. Besides the beauty of the items on display, this exhibition also provides a cosmological perspective of the “lost city” and a fascinating ethnological history.
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