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The perfect terrace, with your head in the clouds

“Wow!” This might well be your reaction when you see the view from the terraces of the Château of Montsoreau. At a height of 35 metres, stop for a moment to admire the stunning scenery stretching out before you. As you look over the spires of the château, a seagull flies close by, a boat is sailing on the clear water, the white sandy beach is calling you, vines cover the hillside and, at the foot of the château, is the confluence where the Vienne joins the Loire.

By the end of the 19th century, the château was in ruins. In the 1920s, a rescue operation was launched by the Departmental Council of Maine-et-Loire and a major restoration campaign that lasted over 20 years was conducted by Bâtiments de France in order to save the château and restore this architectural Renaissance gem to its former glory. For conservation reasons, it was decided against rebuilding the roof pavilions, which were instead replaced by panoramic terraces.
After visiting the museum, visitors can access the château’s roof terrace offering a 360° view of the surrounding landscape from a height of 35 metres. In the distance, near the Château of Saumur, you can see the troglodyte dwellings and picturesque village streets. You can also see the former course of the river, from the days when it surrounded the château.
Below, a second panoramic terrace on the roof of the former kitchens has been turned into a roof-top area for the museum restaurant. It is a popular place in summer for watching spectacular sunsets while sipping a glass of wine.