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Art & language, the conceptual adventure

The internationally-renowned Philippe Méaille collection is composed of unique works by the Art & Language collective, which played a major role in the emergence of Conceptual Art. The monumental decor of this Loire château converted into a contemporary art museum is now the stunning backdrop to masterpieces including installations, videos and sculptures.

In premises of 2,500m², the Château of Montsoreau – Museum of Contemporary Art houses an exceptional collection of contemporary art works composed of paintings and sculptures by Art & Language, a major art group in the second half of the 20th century.
The works retrace the development of Conceptual Art, an art movement started by Art & Language in England in 1965, and are presented in a minimal, refined scenography that magnifies the modernity of the building and its large volumes. The collection shows the extent to which the story of this collective is also a collective story. Participatory works, the first in the history of art, invite visitors to take part in the never-ending, limitless discussion on Art and the world, a great discussion that was launched 50 years ago and will no doubt continue for many years to come. The château, presents internationally-renowned works such as Mirror Piece and The Air-Conditioning Show alongside works that are less well-known, and remains ever true to its original ambition of welcoming artists from all over the world.
The permanent exhibition is also an invitation to discover the origins of Contemporary Art, back in the 1960s when the avant-garde works of Art & Language broke away from Modern Art and paved the way for this nascent movement. In dialogue with Picasso, Courbet, Manet and Jackson Pollock, the works of Art & Language symbolise a counter-culture that went against the codes of Modernism.