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Not to be missed: the landscaped park of the Château of Brissac

This skyscraper of a château is complemented by its adjoining 70-hectare park stretching as far as the eye can see. Every spot diffuses the same sense of tranquillity that can be enjoyed while wandering along its various paths. It is perfect for a gentle stroll!​

The Château of Brissac is surrounded by a 70-hectare landscaped park that is perfect for strolls and countryside walks. Its meandering bucolic paths wind through the shade of 100-year-old trees that are watered by the ponds and the Aubance river. Every section has its own charm, whether wild or elegant, and all are imbued with the peaceful atmosphere of the local Anjou region. Small benches throughout the park provide the opportunity to take a seat and soak up the peace and quiet and admire the biodiversity of its ecosystem. This treasure-trove of greenery is carefully preserved and enriched by the Brissac family today.
On top of one of the hills sits the Mausolée, a Neo-Classical temple built during the Empire and from where visitors can enjoy the finest views of the château. To unravel the château’s deepest mysteries, venture into the former moats that were covered over to make way for an underground canal. The surrounding area has been planted with vineyards for almost five centuries, and produces an excellent Anjou Rosé wine that quietly ages in the stone vaults of the château.
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