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Hidden treasure: a magnificent interior

Standing in front of the château's colossal facades, it is hard to imagine the delicacy of the interior architecture, but this stone giant is home to fine decor, gold-leaf adorned ceilings and delicately woven tapestries.​

Those who know where to look will notice architectural gems embellishing every room in the château, including marquetry, decorative panels and coffered ceilings adorned with almost theatrical images. The ceilings are particularly impressive, with many of them gilded with gold leaf to bring out the finer aspects of the work. The one in the Gilded Room is notably a true 17th-century masterpiece which still bears the monogram of Charles de Cossé, the first Duke of Brissac, which he engraved on the beams and coffers. The ceiling in the Great Gallery is also particularly fine. Its beams and joists are decorated with 100 or so small paintings evoking mythology and biblical scenes. The château also boasts very fine tapestries, including one by the Gobelins Manufacture that tells the story of Don Quixote, 17th-century Brussels tapestries in the Mortemart chamber and the Aubusson tapestry in King Louis XIII’s chamber which dates from the reign of Louis XIV. The Hunt Room contains a wall hanging from the 16th century that glorifies the sport of hunting. Combined, these elements constitute a magnificent and refined decor that showcases the historic furniture, sculptures and paintings that have been acquired by the Cossé-Brissac family over time.
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