A special birthday

This year, the Château of Brézé is celebrating 20 years since the opening of its underground passages to the public... A new opportunity to plunge into its defensive galleries!
The turn of the millennium marked the start of a new adventure for visitors to the Château of Brézé, who were able to discover its stunning troglodyte heritage for the first time. Nobody could have imagined that a whole new world built around a series of caves and tunnels was buried 9 metres underground beneath the château. These subterranean galleries testify to the defence system used as early as the 11th century, offering protection from invasion by retreating underground. With light and ventilation shafts, silos, an ice house, stables, a bakery, kitchens, cellars and even a silkworm farm, the visit reveals a fantastic new underground world that extends over more than 1 kilometre. The underground level also offers an impressive view of the château’s dry moat which, at 10m wide and 18m deep, is one of the largest in Europe... A stunning sight that has been delighting visitors for 20 years!